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Why you need a PIM System

Organizations in the Construction and Installation Sectors are often asked to share their data with other partners. This needs to be done in formats and standards that differ each time (and change over time). To make sure this data is shared in the correct way and is kept up to date is a very time intensive and costly process.

With a well-functioning PIM-system both these problems are solved at once: your product data is managed in one central location (under your control) and automatically shared using the correct standards. Interested in which PIM-system is the best fit for your organization? Take our free Quickscan:

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Committed to Industry Standards

We work with multiple industry-specific partners to ensure the best match between customer and PIM. We help anyone select the best matching PIM free of charge.

Why Product Information Management?

We believe any company taking the next step in digitization should first review their (PIM) architecture.
Good (and well-managed) product data is the core of the digital first organization.
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Smooth Digital Teamwork

Teams increasingly work 100% digital, both inside and across organizations. Your architecture should support this transition.


To streamline the communication across organizations, multiple product standards have sprung up. Your tools should automatically support these standards.

Positive Business Case

Digitization efforts are an investment on the short term, but with guidance during selection and implementation the ROI can be positive in year 1

It starts with PIM

Product data are the core of your organization and garbage in = garbage out. If your PIM is not up to par, you will always be playing catch-up.

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Product Information Management Deepdives

What is ETIM?
How will PIM fit my IT Architecture?
The PIM Selection Process
What is ETIM?

ETIM is the international classification model for all technical products worldwide. The model adds structure to the flow of technical information within the value chain, facilitating effective B2B interaction.  It allows for precise and uniform listing of main the technical characteristics within different product classes.

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or end user, ETIM is the standard for technical products you need. It enables quick, concise identification and data exchange between internationally operating parties, regardless of language.

How will PIM fit my IT Architecture?
The answer is: it depends. We believe the setup should serve the company and its processes, not the other way around. Still: some changes in workflows are necessary when digitizing your processes or changing to a new solution.

In general, we see your PIM solution as the central hub for all product related activities: creation, enrichment and output of  all products and product content. Other systems (such as your ERP, WMS or eCommerce systems) are connected as in- or output of your PIM. Discussing your architecture is part of the free consultation we provide after you fill in our Quickscan, but more information can also be found in our article on how PIM differs from ERP:
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The PIM Selection Process

A PIM Selection & Implementation process often has four phases:

  1. Analysis: getting the (must-have) requirements from all the involved stakeholders
  2. Scenarios: vendor demos of specific use-cases for your organization
  3. Design: after selecting the right tool, it needs to be adapted to your specific workflows
  4. Implementation: implementing the solution and training your workforce

The first two phases are related to Selection and take 6 to 24 weeks. The latter phases can take multiple months, depending on the complexity. If you would like more information, please reach out or take our Quickscan.

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We help you set-up and evaluate RFI's & RFP's based on your profile and compare both PIM Vendor and Implementation Partner proposals

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