About PIMVendors

PIMVENDORS thinks alongside you, to offer you the best advice in the choice on your perfect PIM. But what are the benefits of a PIM? And how do you make sure you have the right one? 

Product Information Management (PIM-)systems are a convenient way to keep track of enormous amounts of product data; efficiently organize your product work-flows, and steadily monitor your digital processes. Contrary to its business counterpart, ERP- which is more focussed on administrative process PIM allows for a more data-integrated, marketing-oriented approach in your corporate vision. 

Why PIM? 

PIM introduces automated content exchange between suppliers and customers, and allows for an easy connection to online marketplaces- amongst other benefits. But, basically, it could be whatever you want! Due to its high-customizability, a PIM could be designed  to match your specific product needs, project goals and priorities. This, however, requires a good amount of knowledge on different PIM-systems, and how they relate to your own work-process. 

At PIMVENDORS, our experts are proud to have completed over 20+ successful projects, and, due to our data-base and matching algorithms- are able to provide you with a PIM-shortlist match in 24-hours. We work as an open platform, allowing PIM-system vendors to offer their PIM-profiles for free on our website, after being carefully verified by us.  We focus on the optimal connection between customer needs, and suitable vendors. We do so by investing in a proper guidance of the selection process. By carefully analyzing your case, PIMVENDORS matches you with the best vendors there are. 

It might be possible that your application landscape needs to be better prepared before considering a PIM, or an alternative approach might best suit your interests. At PIMVENDORS, our number one priority is your company needs, and that is what we base our consulting on. If a PIM is not the right solution (yet), we will make that clear as well. We believe in giving you the best advice, not just selling you a solution.

Step one: the exploration

First, to better be able to serve you, we kindly ask you to answer our exploratory Quickscan, consisting of 50 custom-designed questions on your company requirements. These questions cover the subjects of preferred: 

  1. Company workflow 

This allows insights in the patterns of your company activity

  1. Data onboarding

This allows insights in your preferred way of work, and the maturity of your work surroundings. 

  1. Data-enrichments

Allows insights in the questions: what kind of products would you like to deliver? How do you structure your data? What is needed to correctly transfer data to your partners? 

  1. Output

Touches on the subject of ‘company surroundings’, and preferred end-content. 

  1. Technical requirements. 

Touches on the more detailed technical requirements of your preferred PIM. 

Step two: the shortlist 

Secondly, after being matched with suitable vendors, PIMVENDORS will have a meeting with you and discuss the possible shortlist, after taking your specific needs into consideration. We maintain the quality of our matches by presenting our vendors a similar Quikscan designed to let vendors indicate their own products, based on our questions. After receiving your company Quickscan, we are then able to accurately match your needs with their software. 

Step three: the match & guidance 

Third, PIMVENDORS will offer to guide you through the selection process, for an attractive fee. After a face-to-face consultation, we will then set up a strategy to find your best PIM. This means (among others) accompanying you to the partners, mapping your company needs, price range and requirements; setting up demo-workshops to test your PIM and coordinate meetings.


If your company is constantly dealing with large amounts of product data, and multiple partners, a well-organized PIM is truly a blessing. It is the enriching answer to departmentalized company processes, and allows efficient holding of data and the opportunity to easily communicate with surrounding systems and external partners. PIMVENDORS hopes to help you pick and implement your tailor-fitted PIM. Feel free to contact us at:  info@pimvendors.com 

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