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PIMVendors.com: A 3-step Approach to PIM Selection

A hassle-free experience to select the best PIM Tool and Implementation Partner

Step 1: Create your personal PIM Profile

Our 50-question survey combined with a structured phone interview allows us to create a custom profile for you

Step 2:  We match a PIM Vendor & Partner

Based on the other profiles in our database, we match your profile based on our algorithm to provide the best fit

Step 3: We support the Selection Process

We help you set-up and evaluate RFI's & RFP's based on your profile and compare both PIM Vendor and Implementation Partner proposals

"I did not know we needed to select both a PIM Tool and a matching Implementation Partner to successfully implement our PIM Solution. The selection process already took us a year"

- Stephan Spijkers, COO Westwing Home & Living Benelux

What is PIM? 

Why a static product database is simply not enough

Your PIM Solution sits at the center of your organization, connecting all internal and external sources of product information with all your (digital) sales and marketing channels. Helping you to:
  • Easily connect to marketplaces (such as Amazon)
  • Manage your product creation workflow
  • Run multi-language, cross platform eCommerce 
  • Enable dashboards to increase product workflow efficiency
  • Automate content exchange with suppliers and customers
  • Ensure consistent branding across channels 

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About Us

PIMVendors.com is an independent initiative powered by Contakt Consulting, Jobsec BV and Paretosolutions BV. 

PIMVendors.com is self-supporting through its success fees, but taps into the Contakt Network to find the right professionals to help you during the PIM Selection & Implementation process. 

We guarantee our independence by running an open platform: every firm and professional may join. We only charge a fee when the platform provides them with a lead that converts into an actual client. By charging vendors and professionals we can keep our service free for you: our customer.


We have extensive experience and can be proud of 20+ completed projects


We value each client and always respond to feedback throughout our cooperation


Using our database and matching algorithm we can provide a match in 24 hours

Global Network

Our experts, vendors and implementation partners work across geographies to deliver results


We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience


We charge a  transparent success fee to service providers on our platform

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